Message to Clients

We built this resource to help clients and friends keep up with federal and state responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that we intend this resource to help with issues related to conducting a financial services business during the current financial crisis but not as a comprehensive review of all possible legal issues affecting our clients’ businesses at this time. We have gathered information from reliable third-party sources and in most circumstances will link you directly to those sources. Please understand that we do not maintain those resources ourselves and we are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by those third-party sources.

As you know, state and federal executives, agencies, and legislatures are reviewing data and circumstances every day and adjusting their responses to the pandemic all the time. We are monitoring for changes and developments and will post updates to this resource as we find them. Please check back regularly. We will also send alerts as certain critical developments unfold. If you are not signed up for Hudson Cook, LLP Insights and would like to receive alerts, please sign up here.

Please note that the information here is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal assistance with a specific matter, please contact legal counsel.

We hope that you, your families, your colleagues and your businesses are safe and healthy and doing well under the circumstances. If there is something Hudson Cook, LLP, can do for you, please contact us.

Alerts, Announcements and Writings

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