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Women in Auto Finance

Professional Experience

Patty is a partner in the firm's Richmond, Virginia office. She focuses on all areas of consumer financial services law, including auto finance, small installment lending, federal regulatory compliance, CFPB-readiness, privacy, data security and information management, electronic commerce, marketing, as well as matters involving the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She advises banks, sales finance companies, motor vehicle dealers, small installment lenders, other similar creditors, service providers and technology providers.

Prior to joining Hudson Cook, Patty was with CarMax Auto Superstores, Inc. and was responsible for managing the legal department's business operations group which handled matters relating to compliance in the areas of federal and state laws for motor vehicle retail financing; motor vehicle dealer law; electronic transactions; franchise law; marketing law; privacy, security and information management; and government affairs. She implemented compliance programs for TILA, FCRA, GLB, and National Do Not Call Registry (FTC and FCC).

From 1992 to 1997, Patty was an attorney with Maloney, Barr & Huennekens, P.C, engaged in a commercial practice, representing banks, creditors and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in matters relating to bankruptcy and commercial loan transactions, and representing closely-held companies in mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and corporate matters.

Among her many accomplishments, Patty was recently named to the inaugural list of Women in Auto Finance by Auto Fin Journal, and is a Fellow of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers. She is actively involved in a number of trade associations, including the American Bar Association's Business Law Group, Consumer Financial Services Committee, for which she served as Chair of the Privacy Subcommittee, Vice-Chair of the Privacy Subcommittee, and Liaison to the Gatekeeper Task Force. Patty is the co-founder of the National Automotive Finance Association's Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program and serves as co-instructor of the program. Patty is a founding board member and past president of the National Association of Dealer Counsel, a member of the American Financial Services Association's State Government Affairs Committee, Vehicle Finance Board, Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee and Counsel to Ancillary Products Working Group, and serves on the Governing Committee of the Conference on Consumer Finance Law.

Patty received her law degree with cum laude honors from T.C. Williams School of Law in 1992 and her bachelor's degree with summa cum laude honors from James Madison University in 1989.

American Bar Association 2006 to Present: Business Law Group - Consumer Financial Services Committee, Privacy Subcommittee Chair 2009 to 2011, Privacy Subcommittee Vice-Chair 2006 to 2008, Liaison to Gatekeeper Task Force 2007 to 2009

American Financial Services Association 2005 to Present: State Government Affairs Committee, Vehicle Finance Board, Counsel to Ancillary Products Working Group, Operations & Regulatory Compliance Committee - Business Partner Group

National Association of Dealer Counsel 2004 to Present: Board of Directors, Past-President, Founding Board Member

Fellow of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers

Governing Committee of the Conference on Consumer Finance Law

Speaking engagements have included:

  • AICPA Auto Dealership Conference: Facing The New Reality: The Need for Strengthened F&I Compliance, October 2015
  • American Financial Services Association (AFSA):
    • 99th Annual Meeting: Moderator: CMS Development, Implementation & Monitoring...How Is It Getting Done? October 2015
    • Independents Vehicle Finance Executive Group: Snippets on the Law: October 2015, April 2015, January 2015; Fair Lending and Auto Finance Companies, February 2012
    • Ancillary Products Working Group: Compliance Outlook, July 2014; Compliance Issues Related to Ancillary Products, June 2014
    • Independents Conference: CFPB Compliance - Preparing for A Visit by the CFPB, April 2014; Risks & Rewards: Ancillary Products in the New Regulatory Environment, April 2013; CFPB and Compliance, What will the CFPB mean for independents? April 2012
    • Operations & Regulatory Compliance Committee: Compliance Management Systems, January 2014
  • AFSA Education Foundation: THE EDGE Program - Regulatory Compliance: June 2014 and June 2015
  • AutoCPA: Federal Regulatory Developments Affecting Dealers, May 2013
  • Compli: CFPB Webinar Series on Compliance Management Systems: Compliance Program, October 2014; Board of Directors and Management Oversight, September 2014; Compliance Management Systems - Building a CMS, July 2014
  • CU Direct: Lending & Marketing Conference: Addressing Regulator Concerns on Dealer Payments and What's Next in Auto Lending Regulation, May 2015
  • F&I and Showroom Magazine Webinar: Dodd-Frank Act, What it Means for Auto Dealers, May 2011
  • Financial Service Centers of America Annual Conference: Workshop on Compliance Management Systems, October 2014
  • Hudson Cook Consumer Financial Services Conference:
    • Practical Compliance for Auto Finance and Leasing Professionals, June 2015
    • Compliance Management System, What is it & How Does Your Company Create One? May 2013
    • Issues on the Horizon for Sales Finance Companies and Dealers, May 2012
    • Dodd-Frank Deeper Dive: The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Motor Vehicle Finance, May 2011
  • Independent Finance Association of Illinois: What is the CFPB Actually Doing? July 2012
  • Leedom Group:
    • BHPH World Convention: "Today's" Top Regulatory Activity & Issues, April 2015
    • Credit & Collections Conference: Collections and Compliance in Today's Environment; Understanding Compliance in BHPH, December 2014
    • Twenty Groups: The CFPB, Their Expectations & Compliance Management Systems, March 2015; The CFPB and the Current Regulatory Environment: November 2014, October 2014, and September 2014
  • Missouri Automobile Dealers Association: GLBA Model Privacy Rule & Risk Based Pricing, July 2010
  • National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC):
    • Fair Lending, It Needs to be on Your Dealer's Radar, October 2012
    • The New Regulatory Environment for Dealers - the FTC's New Authority, An Interview with Joel Winston, April 2011
    • The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection - What does this mean to dealers? October 2010
    • Risk Based Pricing Rule, GLB Model Privacy Forms, and Telemarketing Use of Prerecorded Messages, April 2010
  • National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA): Annual Convention, Conquer Compliance: Protect Your Profits and Legacy, January 2015
  • National Automotive Finance Association (NAF):
    • Auto Finance Compliance Certification Program 2014 to Present (ongoing program)
    • Annual Conference: A Compliance Management System, You Ought to Have One! June 2013; Introduction to Compliance Certification, June 2013
    • Roundtable: The CFPB, What to Expect & What You Should Do to Prepare, January 2013
  • National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA): 66th Annual Convention and Expo: Hello, I'm Your Federal Regulator and I'm Here to do a Compliance Audit, June 2012
  • National Vehicle Leasing Association Annual Conference: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau & Vehicle Leasing, May 2011
  • Power Group One (Dealer 20 Group): Regulatory Update, February 2011
  • Special Finance Conference, Industry Summit: The Changing Legal Landscape and What it Means for BHPH Dealers, September 2011
  • The National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers (NABD):
    • Compliance Management System, What's Needed, January 2015
    • A Compliance Management System - What It Is, Why You Need One & How You Create One, May 2014
    • Compliance Management System, What is it & How Does Your Company Create One? May 2013
    • Compliance Do's and Don'ts Q&A and Compliance Moves to Make Now, May 2013
    • Compliance Do's & Don'ts; BHPH Basics; and Getting Compliant Now, May 2012
  • Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (VIADA): Annual Conference, Dealer Day, The CFPB and Compliance - Why You Should Care and What You Should Have on Your Radar, May 2014
  • Wells Fargo Preferred Capital Annual Summit:
    • Regulatory Environment: Let's Level Set and Look Ahead, November 2015
    • Issues to Have on Your Radar Because ...The CFPB Does, October 2013
    • The CFPB, What to Expect & What You Should Do to Prepare, October 2012

Articles have included:

  • "5 Stages of Compliance Grief," Spot Delivery, a CounselorLibrary publication, October 2014.
  • "2010 Privacy and Data Security Developments," The Business Lawyer, Vol. 65, No. 2, February 2010 (co-authored with Meghan Musselman).
  • "FinCEN Proposes to Expand AML and SARs Requirements to Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders," Basis Points, Issue 06, October 2009.
  • "FTC Delays Red Flags Enforcement to Ensure Effectiveness," Basis Points, Issue Vol. 1, Issue 02, June 2009.
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T.C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond, J.D., cum laude, 1992

James Madison University, B.A, summa cum laude, 1989

Virginia, 1992