October 12, 2021

Compliance Coffee Break: Marketing Mistakes and Advertising Blunders - A Refresher Course, brought to you by your Neighborhood Regulators

Presenter: Andrea Cottrell

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Whether advertising online or going old-school with a TV or radio commercial, flyer or newspaper ad, federal and state regulators are watching. The Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA) and the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA) regulate marketing materials aimed at consumers. The pandemic has further heightened regulators' awareness of and propensity for punishing bad actors who seek to take advantage of consumers. Join Andrea Cottrell for this 30-minute update on regulators' current focus and a refresher on topics including:

  • Social media dos and don'ts;
  • Deceptive advertising during the pandemic;
  • Marketing to the "reasonable consumer"; and
  • Online reviews.

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