Insights: CFPB

Stuck in a Time Loop: The Compliance Click Is Still Ticking for Small-Dollar Lenders in 2021
Justin B. Hosie, K. Dailey Wilson, Erica A.N. Kramer and Andrea S. Cottrell - May 5, 2022
CFPB Fines Very Large Bank $10 Million for Allegedly Unlawful Garnishments
Lucy E. Morris and Francis Conlon - May 4, 2022
CFPB Bites of the Month - April Top 10
Justin B. Hosie and Eric L. Johnson - April 28, 2022
CFPB Claims that Discrimination Is a UDAAP
Eric L. Johnson - April 12, 2022
CFPB Bites of the Month - March Top 10
Justin B. Hosie and Eric L. Johnson - March 16, 2022
CFPB Continues Aggressive Focus on Student Lending
Lucy E. Morris and Kristen Yarows - January 25, 2022
CFPB Bites of the Month - January Top 10
Justin B. Hosie and Eric L. Johnson - January 24, 2022
2020 CFPB TRID Developments
Joseph ("Jed") E. Mayk - January 4, 2022


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