CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers December 2016
Michael A. Benoit - December 23, 2016
Nude Photos as a Bargaining Chip?
Thomas B. Hudson - December 23, 2016
Buyers Guide Gets a Tune-Up
Daniel J. Laudicina - December 23, 2016
Credit Card Issuers, Be Warned: The Military Lending Act is on its Way
Erica A.N. Kramer and Justin B. Hosie - December 23, 2016
Merchant Cash Advance Overview
December 20, 2016
CFPB Still Needs Schooling on Credit Sales
Thomas B. Hudson - December 1, 2016
Due Process? Really?
Michael A. Benoit - December 1, 2016
South Dakota Voters Approve 36% Rate Cap on Money Lender Licensees
Catharine S. Andricos - November 30, 2016
CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers November 2016
Michael A. Benoit - November 30, 2016
Is the Dragon Dead?
Thomas B. Hudson - November 30, 2016
Are You Committing "Compliance Malpractice"?
Eric L. Johnson - November 1, 2016
Houston, We Have a Problem
Michael A. Benoit - November 1, 2016
CFPB Dealt Major Setback in How Far Back it Can Pursue UDAAP Claims
October 31, 2016
FTC Hikes Penalties for Law Violators
Joel C. Winston - October 28, 2016
Physician, Heal Thyself
Thomas B. Hudson - October 28, 2016
Repossession Pitfalls under the SCRA
L. Jean Noonan - September 29, 2016
A(nother) Step Too Far
Michael A. Benoit - September 29, 2016
Let the Consumer Decide
Michael A. Benoit - September 1, 2016
Here Comes the Fuzz
Thomas B. Hudson - August 31, 2016
CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers July 2016
Michael A. Benoit - July 31, 2016
Now It's Real: No Statute of Limitations for CFPB UDAAP Claims
Lucy E. Morris and Erik Kosa - June 30, 2016
Consumer Bank Partnerships In Jeopardy in Maryland
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - June 29, 2016
Politics, Populism, and Polarism
Michael A. Benoit - June 21, 2016
New York Bill Calls For Study of Online Small Business Loans
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - June 7, 2016
Court Upholds Class Action Waiver in MCA Lawsuit
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - June 1, 2016
The Long Arc of Consumer Protection
Thomas B. Hudson - May 31, 2016
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?
Eric L. Johnson - May 31, 2016
CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers
Michael A. Benoit - May 31, 2016
BNA INSIGHTS: Now It's Real - No Statute of Limitations for CFPB UDAAP Claims
Lucy E. Morris and Erik Kosa - May 31, 2016
Forum Selection Clause Upheld in the 7th Circuit
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - May 9, 2016
Strange Adversaries
Thomas B. Hudson - May 9, 2016
Time for an Alignment?
Thomas B. Hudson - May 1, 2016
A Balanced View of Storefront Payday Borrowing Patterns
Richard P. Hackett - April 29, 2016
Please Pass the Gravy
Michael A. Benoit - April 20, 2016
What Not to Do When a Regulator Arrives
Elizabeth C. Yen - April 18, 2016
CFPB Strikes a Blow Against Unfair, Deceptive Collection Efforts
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - March 16, 2016
Defense Wins Championships
Eric L. Johnson - March 15, 2016
Searching for "Harm" in Storefront Payday Lending
Richard P. Hackett - March 1, 2016
Vital Signs
Thomas B. Hudson - March 1, 2016
The Commonwealth Decision
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - February 17, 2016
Asset Purchase or Consumer Loan: One State High Court Weighs In
Catherine M. "Cathy" Brennan - January 28, 2016
CFPB Takes Aim at Buy-Here, Pay-Here
Allen H. Denson and Joel C. Winston - January 21, 2016
Looking Ahead
Eric L. Johnson - January 1, 2016


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