Consumer Reports Warns Buyers of Dealer 'Gotchas'
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - December 19, 2017
Can I Call Them, or What?
Thomas B. Hudson - December 11, 2017
CFPB's New Arbitration Rule - Round 2
Eric L. Johnson - December 4, 2017
The New Arbitration Rule: The End for Now.
Nora Udell - November 29, 2017
Coloring Inside the Lines
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - November 21, 2017
CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers
Michael A. Benoit - October 31, 2017
CFPB Zeroing in on the Creditor/Vendor Relationship
H. Blake Sims and Erica A.N. Kramer - October 31, 2017
Congress Revives the Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act
Patricia E.M. Covington and Erik Kosa - October 12, 2017
CFPB Announces Annual Dollar Amount Adjustments
Katie Hawkins - September 27, 2017
Is the CFPB Circling the Wagons Yet?
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - September 26, 2017
The Cynic Returns
Michael A. Benoit - September 20, 2017
Web Content Accessibility Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Erica A.N. Kramer and Justin B. Hosie - September 20, 2017
CFPB's New Arbitration Rule - What Do We Need to Know?
Eric L. Johnson - September 14, 2017
The Cynic's View on the CFPB Arbitration Rule
Michael A. Benoit - September 14, 2017
Red Flags Are Red for a Reason
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - August 29, 2017
Mrs. Bailey
Michael A. Benoit - August 28, 2017
The New Arbitration Rule
Nora Udell - August 28, 2017
Top 10 Hotspots
Eric L. Johnson - August 16, 2017
2016 Small-Dollar Lending Update: An Obituary or a Re-Awakening?
Catherine M. Brennan, Justin B. Hosie, K. Dailey Wilson, and Erica A.N. Kramer - August 3, 2017
What Are These Laws We Have to Worry About, Anyway?
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - July 25, 2017
Henson v. Santander: What's next?
Anastasia V. Caton and Chuck Dodge - July 24, 2017
A Chat with the FTC's Tom Pahl
Lucy E. Morris - July 18, 2017
Twelve Steps to a Compliance Program
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - June 27, 2017
Bank Partnership Showdown in Colorado
Catherine Brennan, Meghan Musselman and Kavitha Subramanian - June 15, 2017
Your Paper Tracks
Thomas B. Hudson - June 6, 2017
CFPB Faces Increasing Challenges to Its Authority to Investigate Violations of Consumer Financial Laws
Lucy E. Morris and Erik Kosa - June 2, 2017
The Coming Crackdown on Dealer Fraud
Thomas B. Hudson - June 1, 2017
New Utah Consumer Credit Laws Take Effect
Eric D. Mulligan - May 31, 2017
Choice 2.0…Again
Michael A. Benoit - May 10, 2017
CFPB Watch for Auto Dealers April 2017
Michael A. Benoit - April 28, 2017
New Cybersecurity Requirements Take Effect in New York
Eric D. Mulligan - April 28, 2017
Choice 2.0
Michael A. Benoit - April 19, 2017
Is the Price Right?
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - April 15, 2017
FTC Strikes Gold in California
Thomas B. Hudson and Eric L. Johnson - April 10, 2017
Recycled Class Action Theories
Thomas B. Hudson - April 1, 2017
South Dakota Adopts Limits on "All-In" 36% Rate Cap
Catharine S. Andricos - March 31, 2017
Speeches from Heads of CFPB and OCC Highlight LendIt 2017
Christopher J. Capurso - March 31, 2017
Car Pricing under the Legal Microscope
Thomas B. Hudson - March 10, 2017
Phantom Discounts and Other Ad "Bads"
Thomas B. Hudson - March 1, 2017
The Plot Thickens
Michael A. Benoit - March 1, 2017
New York "Zombie Property" Rules Go Live
Thomas P. Quinn, Jr. - February 28, 2017
"Stuffed" by Federal Regulation? 2017 May Not Bring the Relief Imagined
Allen H. Denson & Lucy E. Morris - February 28, 2017
Like a Dog with a Bone
Michael A. Benoit - February 1, 2017
A Right to Remain Anonymous? CFPB Again Tested on Limits of Its Investigative Authority
Allen H. Denson and Shannon L. McNeal - January 30, 2017


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